February 2017 ceilidh

Jazz Ceilidh Project

with caller Mae McAllister

11 February 2017

Doors open 7.30pm, dance starts 8pm and ends 11.30pm

This is one of heck of an innovative, jazzy and highly danceable band – you’re going to love them!

At the centre of the line-up is the nephew and uncle pairing of Owen Woods, an up and coming melodeon player and the acclaimed jazz saxophonist, Tony Woods. Tony is known not only for his jazz but also cross genre ensembles such as The Avalon Trio, as featured on Radio 3 and Jazz FM. Owen is known for his solo work (find out about Boxtet, his excellent and fascinating debut album here). For the Jazz Ceilidh Project they are joined by tuba player Paul Tkachenko and percussionist Terry Knight to produce an exciting, rich, funky sound. You can hear a taste of The Jazz Ceilidh Project here

They are joined by Mae McAllister, formerly of Cambridge University Ceilidh Band and also a composer.