December 2016 ceilidh

Christmas Party: PolkaWorks

with caller Aidan Hansell

10 December 2016

Doors open 7.30pm, dance starts 8pm and ends 11.30pm

PolkaWorks is a supergroup, featuring the classiest and most influential of dance musicians. They like to pretend that they are best known for the shoe collection and taste for gin. But in fact Sue Harris (hammer dulcimer), Jeannie Harris (melodeon), Nina Hansell (fiddle), Katie Howson (melodeon and mouthorgans), Fi Fraser (fiddle) and Gareth Kiddier (piano) are all fabulous musicians who know exactly how to play precisely the right tunes to get us all dancing. When they’re not playing with PolkaWorks members of this band also play with Old Swan Band, The Bismarcks, Oxford Nags, Katie’s Quartet, The Old Fashioned and The Fraser Sisters.

The band’s selection of traditional music, as well as some written by themselves, wins them admiration from all quarters: “Great band with loads of wonderful tunes – what’s that tune? It’s great!” Alistair Anderson Look out of their excellent album Borrowed Shoes! (It makes a very good Christmas present.)

Joining the Christmas party is charmingly cheerful caller Aiden Hansell, who matches just the right tunes to just the right dances.

Owlswick Mummers also join us this evening, to perform a traditional seasonal (and slightly silly) play in doggerel verse. Quite the perfect Christmas party, really!

Join us for a Christmas ceilidh of fabulous music, endless dancing and a traditional Christmas mummers play at half-time. There will also be cakes and ale, amongst other refreshments.