October 2016 ceilidh

Monty's Maggot

with caller Will Hall

08 October 2016

Doors open 7.30pm, dance starts 8pm and ends 11.30pm

with spot from Morris Oxford

This is our first ceilidh after the summer break and we can’t wait to get dancing! In Monty’s Maggot you’ll find driving fiddle rhythms, bouncy sax lines, mellifluous melodeon melodies, and all underpinned by spot-on guitar. The band is: Flos Headford (Old Swan Band) and Taz Tarry (English String Band) on fiddle, Keith Holloway (Random, New BandAnglo) on guitar and melodeon, Theresa Jones (National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain, Trinity Concert Band) and Heather White (Mouse and Trousers, Oxfolk’s Stewards Co-ordinator) on saxes and Jerry Tozer on melodeon and whose rather good idea it was to bring the whole band together. Click here to see a snippet of the band in action.

Monty’s Maggot has played ceilidhs at Sidmouth FolkWeek, Folk East, Haddenham Ceilidhs, and White Horse Ceilidhs and we really looking forward to having them calling with Will Hall, one of our favourite callers because of his uncanny ability to choose just the right dance for the occasion.

Oh, and why the name Monty’s Maggot? Because Jerry’s singing Jack Russell is called Monty and a maggot is an old term for a “fanciful whim”.

Fiddle and accordion duo Morris Oxford will be providing their own unique and sometimes slightly anarchic entertainment at half-time.

Previous ceilidh

This is the first ceilidh of the season